Schmidtke Coaching for Life and Business Coaching in Berlin
"Coaching is a forward-looking and solution-oriented process for people who seek the change."

Claudia Schmidtke

#Quality Of Life

Life & Business Coaching in Berlin

How would it feel living the life that you REALLY want?

A life in which you have the feeling that you are in the right place, surrounded by people who are good for you. With tasks that make sense, with perspective, feeling happy, faced with exciting challenges?

We feel forced into the routine that work and family often bring with them. We fight with the same problems again and again. We come to terms with unsatisfactory jobs and arduous relationships. It all doesn’t seem so great and yet we don’t know where to begin to change things.

But you are here. You have already taken a next step by deciding for yourself that something must finally change. You want to to a Life or Business Coaching in Berlin and are looking for strength and motivation on the path to true quality of life.

Achieving Goals

Successful Change Through Life & Business Coaching

An individual Life & Business coaching helps you to recognize and to work specifically on what you really want to achieve.
These can take on very different forms, depending on which stage of life you find yourself in or which challenges you currently find yourself facing:

  • Getting involved with something close to your heart
  • Starting your own, new, exciting project
  • Finding your dream job
  • Fulfilling a secret wish
  • Leaving the country, moving to the countryside, traveling the world…
  • Leading a meaningful life
  • Resolving a longstanding conflict that has been troubling you
  • Confidently initiating a difficult discussion
  • Demanding more for yourself – in your private life or job

I am convinced that coaching can sustainably support change processes and increase the quality of life.

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