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Strengths Workshop for Teams

Research in positive psychology shows that when managers focus on their team members strengths it is much more effective and leads to more satisfaction, motivation and ultimately an increase in performance than a deficit orientation.

In this interactive workshop format, team members become aware of their collective strengths and develop strategies for a strength-based collaboration.

The prerequisite for the workshop is the Clifton Strengths Assessmentand, based on this, individual coaching for the assessment for each team member.
As a certified strength coach, I have accompanied individuals and teams to make them aware of their strengths and make better use of their potential.

Course of the strengths workshop for teams:

  • Impulse: Strengths concept of positive psychology
  • Exchange of team members on their individual strengths
    • How are strengths used in everyday work?
    • Where are strengths in the way or have an unfavorable effect on others?
    • Which tasks are particularly motivating for each individual?
    • For which tasks is it advisable to work with colleagues in order to benefit from mutual strengths?
  • Impulse: Apply the strengths concept to teams
  • Team matrix: Visualization of collective strengths
    • Where is the team particularly well positioned?
    • How are tasks approached?
    • Where does the team need support?
    • Which partnerships inside and outside the team should be intensified?
    • How can future challenges for the team be mastered?
  • Ending with mutual appreciation of team members

What changes does a strengths workshop bring for teams?

As a certified strengths coach, I have already helped various individuals and teams to become aware of their strengths and develop their potential. Managers with whose teams I have conducted these workshops report many positive changes in the team:

Knowing each other's strengths

  • contributes to a greater mutual understanding
  • tasks are distributed according to strengths, which increases efficiency and quality
  • and thus enable greater satisfaction with the respective roles.

When hiring new staff, care is taken to find new team members that bring in additional strengths.

Managers can respond more consciously to individual team members and their needs and promote individual development.