Allow yourself to live the life that you really want.

Life coaching can cover a wide variety of areas of life such as family, fulfilling relationships, hobbies, social and ecological commitment or self-fulfillment. In its range, it affects both the everyday professional life as well as overarching questions about values and goals. In addition, topics such as fitness, health, mindfulness and balance have become enormously important.

Because these areas of life are often linked to each other, it makes sense to apply a holistic approach to enable a sustainable anchoring of change processes.

Potential life coaching topics include:

  • Structuring your issues and tackling them step by step
  • Finding clarity about important decisions
  • Finding strategies to deal with conflicts in your relationship, within your family, with friends or neighbours
  • Overcoming obstacles, eliminating blockages
  • Mastering everyday life and becoming better organised
  • Good communication and standing up for your needs
  • Taking care of yourself, finding inner peace
  • Embracing wishes and dreams and finally going for them

Reflection and Vision Coaching


Coping with Crisis, Overcoming Obstacles, Moving Forward

Life coaching can offer you immediate, solution-oriented help as well as long-term guidance through challenging situations or to consolidate new habits.

For those setting out on a new path, it is often the small hurdles and everyday resistances, which create doubts within us and block us, thereby undermining our implementation of our goals.

In my coaching sessions, I am mindful of the fact that it makes most sense to set processes in motion that are possible to implement in the everyday life. You get tools to help you stay tuned to your plans.

My goal for you is a change that keeps up.