#Modern Leadership

Leadership Coaching

Young team leaders often struggle with uncertainties about the new role and lack the experience of the challenges it brings. Even if they usually receive general training offers in their companies and are trained in the most important basics, they are often left alone with the individual problems. Overload and self-doubts can occur and also the distinction to their (previous technical) tasks is sometimes difficult.

In Leadership Coaching, I offer on-the-job support over the first few months in this new position and specifically address the personal challenges that come with this role.

Leadership Coaching gives support regarding the following topics:

  • Delegation of tasks and strengthening of the responsibilities in the team
  • Appreciative feedback and development talks
  • Developing the team and team composition based on strengths
  • Dealing with conflicts and changes in the team
  • Modern leadership with coaching attitude and agile mindset
  • Self-management, dealing with uncertainties, role clarification and demarcation