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#personal growth

Feedback Training

Many companies want a good feedback culture. But how can this be achieved?

How can employees be encouraged to give each other clear, but appreciative feedback in order to facilitate personal growth, but also within the team?

First and foremost, this requires a shared understanding of feedback and its relevance. But also concrete practice on how to convey situational feedback in such a way that it is actually accepted by the counterpart.

Content of the workshop:

In this workshop, the basics of appreciative feedback and helpful attitudes in giving and receiving feedback will be taught.

The core of the workshop is the introduction and direct practice of a tool for formulating feedback, which is constructive and clearly formulated, strives for improvement, and at the same time does not put the counterpart before the head.

Practical examples
and "worst cases" are discussed.

On request, a brief part on the concept of psychological safety can be included.

Information about the set-up:

  • The ideal size is 8-12 participants.
  • No prior knowledge is required. Pre- or post-work can be included.
  • On-site, remote, hybrid
  • Language: German or English possible