Team Workshops in Berlin


Workshops and Coachings for Teams

Based on my experience as a long-term team leader, I offer workshop formats that promote cohesion and collaboration in teams.

In my workshops and coachings for teams I combine elements of systemic coaching, the strength approach from positive psychology and formats for agile work (e.g. retrospectives).

Conditions for Team Workshops

The focus is always on the duality of individuals and the team. How can you keep an eye on the individual employee and develop them in terms of their strengths and potential while at the same time promoting team spirit and establishing cooperation that relies on coordination and cooperation?

Another challenge is the question of a team's specific vision and mission. A vision has often been formulated at company level, but it has not been broken down to the individual teams.

Below you will find a selection of classic workshop questions. Depending on the specific requirements of your team, the elements of the respective workshops can also be combined with each other.