Finding Professional Fulfillment Through Coaching

Knowing your potential and your personal strengths and knowing exactly which work you would like to do and how, and having clarity about your potential are the most important conditions for a successful professional re-orientation.

I offer a 3-level coaching package in which we work out the building blocks for a professional reorientation and get you fit to implement your plan concretely.


Your plan for professional reorientation


That's in for you

After these three sessions, you will have a clear picture of:

  • Your abilities and strengths
  • The necessary parameters of the work you are looking for
  • The concrete steps and milestones on the way to implementation

This list of points will help you

  • to create a sharpened profile, for example on professional networks such as LinkedIn and Xing,
  • and to purposefully look for potential jobs. With clear direction and profiling, you may also discover industries and tasks that you have not noticed at all.

By increasing your consciousness about your own strengths and goals, you will appear especially clear, motivated, and authentic during job interviews. You will look at potential employers and tasks more closely and check if they are consistent with your values.

Nothing stands in the way of a fulfilling activity that is focused on your full potential.