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Strengths Training

Scientifically based results of in the field of Positive Psychology show that the focus on strengths in leadership is much more effective and leads to more satisfaction, motivation and ultimately performance increase than a deficit orientation.

Workshop Topics:

  • Strengths orientation concept
  • Flow model
  • Recognition of own strengths (on request I could give a deep dive on CliftonStrengths or Values-In-Action approachs)
  • Moderation of strengths & dealing with weaknesses
  • Transfer to team work respectively leadership behavior: How to foster a strengths focus in companies?
  • Positive communication

In this interactive workshop, employees (with and without management responsibility) are trained in this approach, get closer to their own strengths in practical units and discuss approaches for strength orientation in teams or a leadership role.

For complete teams, I recommend the team strengths workshop, where individual strengths are identified in an assessment and evaluated with strengths coaching. The collective strengths of the team are then identified and specific strategies for strength-oriented cooperation are derived. For more information refer to this page.