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Strengths Coaching

Knowing about one's own strengths has a major impact on our general way of life and our well-being and is essential for a fulfilling professional life.

  • Have you ever had the feeling that an activity gives you energy rather than draining strength?
  • Do you sometimes feel naturally attracted or spurred on by certain skills?
  • Are there tasks that you can automatically acquire without much effort, and unconsciously produce excellent results?

You may have already experienced what it can be like to work strength-based. Studies by the Gallup Institute show that people who know their strengths and use them on a daily basis are healthier and more successful, both professionally and privately. And this leads to greater wellbeing. Such people are 6 times more likely to be emotionally bound to their job (so less dissatisfaction and inner resignation) and they 3 times more often to rate that their quality of life as excellent.

And in companies, strength orientation is also reflected in better performance. According to Gallup, Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive.

Zertifizierung Gallup CoachingZertifizierung Gallup Coaching
As a certified Gallup strength coach, you will support you in becoming aware of your strengths and using them in a targeted manner.

In my strengths coaching you will learn what your unique strengths profile is, why you think, feel and act in certain situations and you will be able to use this effectively to be professionally successful.

The Clifton Strengths Assessment is well-known in the business context and widely used to enable strength-based work and to build strength-oriented teams. The process has been validated thoroughly and has already been used by around 25 million people worldwide.

As a Strengths Coach, I have accompanied many individuals and teams in

  • understanding their talents and unlock their potential
  • teaching how strengths can be used
  • reflecting what weaknesses are and how they can be overcome
  • and how a strength-based collaboration can look like

on the basis of their Clifton Strengths Assessment.

For managers, the knowledge of their own and their team's strengths is essential in order to increase the cooperation within and performance of the team. I support executives to master their daily challenges and to develop competence.
Knowing your own strengths and values ​​gives you guidance in leadership and helps you to exert a positive influence.

If you would also like to align your team based on strengths, I would be happy to provide a strengths training and workshop for your employees.