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More information about my Life & Business Coachings

How is the coaching going?


  • Online/ E-Coaching per Zoom, Hangout, Skype or on the phone.
  • Otherwise the coachings takes place in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (Kollwitz neighborhood). There is also the possibility to book other rooms.


  • In a free preliminary talk (30 minutes) we discuss what you would like to achieve for yourself and clarify further details. You can get a first impression of my approach and develop a feeling for whether you’d like to have me as your coach.
  • A normal coaching session lasts 90 minutes, depending on the topic, longer sessions can be arranged.
  • When booking coaching packages (5 or 10 sessions), I grant a corresponding discount.

How long does the coaching process last in general?

  • Depending on the topic, a coaching process usually takes 3-10 sessions to arrive at a satisfactory result. Sometimes even just one session can be enough to achieve a new perspective and motivation.
  • It is recommended to meet for a new session rather every 2-3 weeks, so that you have enough time to reflect and implement the discussed measures in everyday life and to develop new approaches.
  • With continuous support (e.g. on-the-job coaching for young professionals) a longer process can be assumed, here the intervals between the sessions can also be 3-4 weeks.
  • Between the coaching sessions, I am available for questions or further impulses (literature, self-coaching tools, updates on the goals set) by email.